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      WordPress Plugins. WooCommerce Modification: v. 2
      Ajax / CSS / HTML5 / IT solutions / JavaScript / JQuery / PHP / Sass
      WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin for creating webshops. We modified the functionality of the 'Add to Wishlist' button and created the new 'Compare Wishlists' plugin:
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      Betting Self Service Terminal (SST)
      Ansible / Digital Ocean / Docker / Gaming / GoLang / JAVA / JavaEE / Mongo / NATS / Redis / REST API / Solar / Technologies
      Self Service Terminal is designed to allow users to place bets on sports events and lucky numbers at the land-based betting sites. To place a bet, the user should buy a credit token, load it onto the SST and utilize funds by choosing events he/she wants to bet on. Therefore, the user is responsible for placing his own bets without cashier being involved in this process. This Self Service Terminal was built using Ember.js. It is running on Ubuntu and launched in kiosk mode to prevent users from tabbing out of the application.
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      Betting Odds Infodisplay
      Cassandra / Gaming / JAVA / JavaEE / Netty / nginx
      Betting information display is designed to illustrate an up-to-date events, its outcomes and odds as well as events results. All the...
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      Portable POS Terminal for Betting System
      Android / Ansible / Digital Ocean / Docker / GoLang / IT solutions / JAVA / Mongo / Redis / REST API
      Android desktop Point of Sale is a retail terminal which is used on betting sites for performing wagering transactions, cash flow...
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      Live Betting Engine
      Digital Ocean / Distillery / Docker / Edeliver / Elixir / Gaming / Mongo / Phoenix (framework)
      Live betting engine gives the possibility for customers to bet on sporting events as they happen. The variety of betting markets...
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      Double-Entry Accounting System
      Ansible / Digital Ocean / Docker / Express.js / IT solutions / Kafka / Maria DB / NATS / Node / Node.js / Protobuf / REST API
      Double-entry general purpose accounting engine which is used for managing the income, expenses and loyalty (bonuses) programmes. Highly scalable and customized application. Developed in Node.js.
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      Customer Support Tool (Gambling CRM)
      CSS / HTML5 / Django / Django Channels / Gaming / Google Charts / JavaScript / JQuery / Metronic UI / NATS / Python
      Customer Support Tool is an online gambling oriented CRM used by gambling business owners/operators. Financial and operational reports which are available in CST gives a better picture of the company's health and progress.
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      Cryptocurrency Website
      CSS / HTML5 / Elixir / JavaScript / JQuery / Phoenix (framework) / PostgreSQL / SCSS / Web sites
      Our team created a stylish and industry-standard landing page for the cryptocurrency website. During the second development stage, a registration form has been added allowing customers to log in, choose the most preferred payment method and observe the list of all transactions performed. The site has a responsive layout which is compatible with mobile, tablet and desktop devices. It is packed with fully functional contact and subscription forms, animations, progress bar, and counter.
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      Online Casino Lobby
      Ansible / Backbone JS / Cloud Flare / CSS / HTML5 / Digital Ocean / Docker / Gaming / Web sites / Webpack
      Online casino web lobby allows users to launch and play Video slots, Classic slots, Table games and Video poker. The user top ups his gaming balance by following Ticket-in-ticket-out principle. Various achievements are displayed to a player motivating him to play more. The lobby displays predefined advertisement texts about big winnings and system bonuses offered at the moment.
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      Mobile POS Application
      Android / Ansible / Digital Ocean / Docker / Gradle / IT solutions / Material Design / Mongo / PostgreSQL / QR code API / Thermal printer API
      Mobile Point of Sale (POS) android application can be used for shift management and cash flow control within a land-based casino. Using this POS, a cashier issues tickets (used in top ups of gaming balances) to players and cashouts them. MobilePOS is equipped with a QR code scanner and thermal printer to scan and print tickets.
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      5-Reel Slots Game Similar to Book Of Ra
      CSS / HTML5 / Flash / Gaming / JAVA / JSON / WebSocket
      5 reel slot machine tends to be the most popular among the players whose goal is to land a winning combination of images or symbols displayed and collect a payout.
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      Classic Slots Games
      Flash / Gaming / JAVA / JSON
      Classic slots machines are those made up of 3 reels. They have managed to become quite popular among the players due to the fact that these machines are simple and easy to operate with.
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      Landing Page for Online Gambling System
      CSS / HTML5 / Elixir / Gaming / JavaScript / JQuery / Phoenix (framework) / PostgreSQL / SCSS
      Online customer portal that provides business operators with all necessary information for running their own gaming club. Site owners get a separate business account which allows them to manage their site promotions and having access to gaming and financial statistics.
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      Sneaker Price Google Assistant Chat Bot
      AWS / AWS Lambda / Google Actions / IT solutions / Node / Node.js / Redis
      Google Assistant Bot allows to search the best sneakers' price. The bot searches through popular retail and stock sites like,,, Also, the bot notifies a user about price drops of requested products.
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      Lotteries Results Site (MVP)
      AMP / AWS / AWS Lambda / AWS RDS / AWS SQS / Gaming / Hibernate / IT solutions / JAVA / Python / Scrapy / Serverless / Web sites
      A website where the latest and historical lotteries results are displayed. The site contains 250+ national and worldwide lotteries including Powerball, Euromillions, UK Tea & Lunch Time, etc.
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      Medical Billing Practice Management Software (myMPS)
      Apache / GWT / Hibernate / IT solutions / JAVA / JAXB / JMS / JOOQ / Maven / Medical services / Query DSL / REST API / Spring / Spring Data / SVN / Web Services / Wildfly
      Medical billing practice management software. It is a platform that links practices, patients and their insurance companies. It allows practices to capture visits and claims, and send them to insurance companies to be paid.
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      Wedding Dress Website
      CSS / HTML5 / Docker / JavaScript / JQuery / PHP / Polylang / SCSS / Unyson Framework / Web sites / Wordpress
      A wedding dress website which offers a large online selection of wedding and bridesmaid dresses, and accessories. Bridal WordPress theme chosen for this project gave the store a great online presence. It comes with Unyson framework's options making the website highly customizable according to the business needs.
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      Business Education Website
      CSS / HTML5 / e-Learning / JavaScript / JQuery / SCSS / Unyson Framework / Web sites / Wordpress
      A business education WordPress website oriented on Russian-speaking audience. It helps organizations and individuals boost their leadership skills by taking part in education programs. With the drag and drop Unyson framework utilized in this project we created an easily customizable and powerful website. The site can be conveniently managed by a non-technical administrator which is a key to customer’s success.
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      Flutter App for Gas & Oil Engineers
      Cloud Firestore / Flutter / Google Maps / IT solutions / Redux
      The purpose of this application is to provide technicians with the ability to record the results of inspections they perform on a daily or weekly basis. We started from the UX/UI design first and then converted it to a user-friendly Flutter application. In the result, we created an app for engineers where they can see the list of work orders assigned to them, determine the location on the map, fill out the inspection form and submit the result.
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      Mobile-First App for Check Automobile Plate Number (Ukraine)
      Docker / Express.js / Gulp / IT solutions / JavaScript / Mongoose / Node / Node.js / React / REST API
      Mobile-first application for people who are going to buy a new car. This mobile app allows them to get the complete information about the vehicle (including car brand, model, color, manufacture year, registration history etc.) by checking the car's license plate number. The app was built with the use of data from open sources.
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      Data Crawler for Worldbox
      IT solutions / Python / Scrapy / Scrapyd
      Data Crawler developed for scraping of sports clothes & shoe website to collect the prices of sneakers using SKU (Stock Keeping Unit)
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      Sneaker Price Telegram Chat Bot
      AWS / AWS Lambda / Elastic Cache (Redis) / IT solutions / Node / Node.js / Serverless / TypeScript
      Sneaker price Telegram chat bot helps users to search the famous brands' sneakers in popular online stores using SKU (Stock Keeping Unit). The search result includes the name of the brand (Adidas, Nike, Merrell, etc.), a shoe model, its price and photo. Also, the bot allows tracking the price of the chosen model and notifies the user of discounts on the requested goods during sales.
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      Wagering Record System (WRS)
      Ansible / AWS / AWS CloudFormation / AWS EC2 / AWS VPC / Cassandra / Docker / GlassFish / gRPC / IT solutions / JAVA / JavaEE / NATS / Netty / Redis
      Java EE application which allows bet placement on the extensive range of sports events and horse racing. It also serves as odds management and reports system. This is a high load application which is capable to handle thousands of concurrent requests per second. It uses NoSQL Cassandra database which is useful for big data and tend to scale horizontally because it can be easily run on distributed or clustered environments. The server can be utilized by multiple end users (business operators) at the same time.
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      Bookmaker Management Console
      Docker / docker-compose / EmberJS/Material / GoLang / IT solutions / Mongo / NATS / Protobuf / Redis / WebSocket
      This risk management tool was developed for bookmakers. The management console is intended for regarding sports bets, risk analysis, viewing reports.
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      KYC (eKYC / FICA) Service for Betting
      Ansible / Digital Ocean / Docker / GoLang / IT solutions / Mongo / NATS / Protobuf / SOAP
      The eKYC / FICA service was built for customers' identity verification (known as ‘know your customer’ or ‘KYC). This online paperless compliance procedure helps businesses to reduce fraud, automate FICA process and improve user experience. KYC has been automated through the integration with the third-party registered providers and its databases where all customers details are stored (Government IDs, addresses, billing information, etc.).
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      Promotion Tool
      Ansible / Digital Ocean / Docker / IT solutions / JAVA / JUnit / Kafka / Maven / Mockito / Mongo / NATS / Protobuf / Spring Boot
      A tool for the creation and management of various types of promotions.
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      5-Reel Slots Game similar to Columbus
      Flash / HTML5 / HTTPS/HTTP / IT solutions / JAVA / JSON / WebSocket
      5 reel slot machine tends to be the most popular among the players whose goal is to land a winning combination of images or symbols displayed and collect a payout.
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      Data Warehouse (DWH)
      Azure DB / C# / DAX / IT solutions / Microsoft Excel/Power View / MS Power BI / MS Report Builder / MS SQL Server 2012/2014 / MS Win Server 2012 / MySQL / PowerShell / SSAS (SQL Server Analysis Services) / SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services) / SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) / TFS (Team Foundation Server)
      Data Warehouse is a collection of data in support of management's decision making process. It is developed for Business Intelligence in the healthcare of South Africa. This system is used for reporting and data analysis.
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      Dr App for Medical Practitioners
      Angular / Angular 5 / CQRS / Domain-Driven Design / Event sourcing / IT solutions / Medical services
      Tablet-optimized application created for medical practitioners. It serves as a calendar for doctors. This scheduling engine allows to plan patients' visits and different medical procedures such as medical examination, medical tests, receiving a prescription of medicine.
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      Loan Brokerage Platform
      Angular / Angular 5 / Custom Ubuntu-based distribution / IT solutions / JAVA / Java Web Start / MS SQL Server 2012/2014 / REST API / Siebel integration / SOAP / Spring
      The platform is a Banking Products Aggregator that allows retailers to increase conversion by increasing the approval rate (by sending credit applications to a large number of banks). The client and the trading network receives the most profitable credit offer.
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      Sports Analytics Website Design
      Adobe Creative Cloud / Adobe Photoshop / IT solutions / UI/UX Design / Web sites
      The re-branding of a start page was created for a sports analytics website which displays the results of tournaments in the most popular kind of sports.
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      Online Service for Contracting Partners’ Verification
      Angular / Angular 5 / Cloud Flare / Express.js / GoLang / IT solutions / Node / Node.js / UI/UX Design / Web sites
      Online service for business analytics and contracting partners' verification (Ukraine). The service allows checking company information by EDRPOU code (Ukrainian state registry legal entity identifier) or a company owner's full name.
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      Local Medical Website
      ACF / Bootstrap / Google Maps / Healthcare / HTML5 / JavaScript / JQuery / Medical services / medizinische Dienstleistungen / PHP / SCSS / Vue.js / Web sites / Websites / Wordpress
      Local Medical Website created to promote one of the Swiss medical associations and educate medical practitioners.
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      Gaming Software Company Website
      Bootstrap / Cloud Flare / Gambling / Gaming / HTML5 / JavaScript / JQuery / PHP / SCSS / Stripe / Unyson Framework / Web sites / Websites / Wordpress
      Promo website for a slots games software company
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      Patient Validation
      Healthcare / Insurance / Medical services / Tibco BPM / Tibco BusinessWorks
      The tool provides general practitioners the full information about patient's medical insurance and the services which it covers
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      Healthcare Services and Drugs Price Aggregator
      CQRS / Domain-Driven Design / Event sourcing / Healthcare / Medical services / REST API / Web sites / Websites
      Healthcare services and drugs price aggregator allows patients to get a relevant price for medical procedures and drugs.
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      Clinical Healthcare Management Service
      Apache Camel / GWT / Healthcare / Hibernate / JAVA / JAXB / Maven / Medical services / Spring / Spring Data / SVN / Web Services / Wildfly
      Clinical healthcare management service is intended to helps physicians establish and automate some treatment processes.
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      Custom Marketing Platform for Restaurants
      .Net Core / Angular 5 / Angular2-Query-Builder / AWS EC2 / Entity Framework Core / HoReCa / IIS / JSON / Marketing / MySQL / Ngx-graph / REST API / SendGrid / Twilio
      A cloud-based digital marketing system for restaurants that helps to manage marketing activities.
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      ARS (Aggregated Report Service)
      Ansible / Digital Ocean / Docker / Gambling / Gaming / GraphQL / JAVA / JUnit / Kafka / Maven / Mockito / Mongo / REST API / Spring Boot
      Aggregated Report Service is used for preparing, distributing, and returning different types of reports through the RESTful/GraphQL APIs.
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      EV Charging Management Panel and Web App
      Applications / Automotive / Electric cars / EV Charging / Groovy / Hamcrest / IT solutions / JAVA / JSON / JUnit / Mockito / OCPP / Web sites / Websites / WebSocket
      Electric vehicle charging station management web app developed for clients' access. Charging station control is carried out over Open Charge-Point Protocol (OCPP) 1.6.
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      React Native Sports Betting App
      Android / Applications / Betting / JavaScript / JQuery / OneSignal / PHP / React Native / REST API / Stripe / Wordpress
      React Native Android app for Sports Betting is developed in line with AirBnB's React style guide.
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      Logistics & Fleet Management System
      Docker / GoLang / Google Cloud Platform / JAVA / Kubernetes / Logistics / PostgreSQL / RabbitMQ / React / Tailwind CSS / WebSocket
      MVP of the web-based tool for the compliant HGV (heavy goods vehicle) routing.
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      eLearning Website
      Backbone JS / Codeigniter / e-Learning / PHP / Wordpress
      Extrawest started with rebuilding back-end administrator’s interface to enable site and content management by non-technical administrators. Afterwards we made a complete redesign of front-end to give it a modern look while maintaining basic functionality, adding new features and cross platform capabilities.
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      Explainer video
      3ds Max / Adobe Photoshop / After Effects / Animation / Video Production
      Customer needed to create a number of explainer videos (3-4 minutes in length) to show poker game rules in a simple animated way. Customer was looking for a team who could create explainer videos based on their concept and scenario (scripts).
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      Commercial WebDav server development
      .Net / .Net Core / IT solutions / JAVA / JavaScript
      WebDav is a set of standards and protocols that allows multi-user processing of document files (Microsoft Office, OpenOffice etc.) stored on clouds. IT HIT developed one of the most successful commercial implementations of WebDav server that is used by many customers integrated into various document workflow solutions.
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      Medical Insurance Claim Management
      Android / Hibernate / Insurance / iOS / JavaEE / Medical services / Spring GWT / Tibco BPM / Tibco EMS / Tibco ServiceGrid / Windows Phone
      Through a powerful range of products and services our Customer has pioneered, they help doctors to significantly improve the day­to­day running of their practices. This saves them more than R1 billion a year in operational inefficiencies. Our Customer has over 7000 medical practitioners (GP’s, Dentists, Optometrists, Specialists and Auxiliaries) on their books countrywide, both generalist and specialist. Through their sophisticated medical information exchange services, they are integrated with hospitals, pathology laboratories, radiologists and medical aids they process more than R30­ billion of transactions in real ­time every year, About 500 thousands claims per month are processed.
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      Truck fleet management solution
      Delphi / EmberJS/Material / Firebird DB / JavaEE / Logistics / Spring / Transportation
      Through a powerful range of products and services our Customer has pioneered, they help doctors to significantly improve the day­to­day running of their practices. This saves them more than R1 billion a year in operational inefficiencies. Our Customer has over 7000 medical practitioners (GP’s, Dentists, Optometrists, Specialists and Auxiliaries) on their books countrywide, both generalist and specialist. Through their sophisticated medical information exchange services, they are integrated with hospitals, pathology laboratories, radiologists and medical aids they process more than R30­ billion of transactions in real ­time every year, About 500 thousands claims per month are processed.
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      Online and marketing publishing system
      AngularJS / Azure ServiceBus / CQRS / CSS / HTML5 / IT solutions / Publishing / SimpleData / TypeScript
      Solutions for publishing both online and in print, and creation of user-friendly publishing systems including tools for corporate, financial, marketing and online communication which are used in Switzerland and other countries.
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      3D game assets production
      3ds Max / Adobe Photoshop / After Effects / Gaming
      Extrawest created 3D models and animation that was used in further development in Unity. Our artists did modeling, texturing, rigging and animation.
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      Medicine Portal
      Medical services / PHP / Wordpress
      Our customer from healthcare industry needed to improve their corporate portal in order to improve usability and functionality for its customers and re-sellers.
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      Electric Vehicle Charging Station Management App (MVP)
      Angular / Angular 5 / AngularMaterial / Electric cars / JAVA / nginx / OCPP / PostgreSQL / Spring
      This EV charging station management application is a platform that allows business owners to manage and account for their charging stations and improve service for their customers. The application also has a client interface for easy and simple control of the electric charging process from the smartphone.
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