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      Testing & Quality Assurance

      Concentrate on Software Development and Leave Quality Assurance Services to Us

      Functional Testing

      It can be hard to detect your own mistakes which is why you need an unbiased look at your work to make sure it is flawless. Rest assured, our independent software testing company won’t let any bug slip away. We will examine your requirements to a T and come up with all possible test cases and scenarios keeping your product’s specification in mind. Our QA software testing services include designing an effective strategy and a detailed test plan, executing test cases that cover all your functionality, and creating comprehensive bug reports. Our specialists triple-check their work to verify that your release is 100% bug-free.

      Nonfunctional Testing

      Extrawest outsource software testing engineers know for a fact that not all glitches hide in functionality. Our skilled professionals in nonfunctional testing will check your software performance, security and user interface to guarantee it is ready to face the threats, stresses and high expectations of today’s world. Nonfunctional testing includes all kinds of system operation aspects – from loading to recovery. Save your time and money! We will make sure your product functions without a hitch. Our software QA consulting includes identifying the hidden pitfalls in your software before users do, in order to avoid the costly modification.


      Any potential loopholes and weaknesses in your product can result in major data loss not only on your side but also your customer’s. Extrawest software testing services company makes security its top priority. Our certified specialists are trained to think like hackers to detect weak spots your software that cyber-terrorists could use for a DOS attack or SQL injection. Using advanced approaches and technologies, we will perform a full vulnerability scan to identify any risk of security breach or memory leak. Be one step ahead of cyberpunks – protect your documents and files from being stolen.


      We live in a fast-paced world of constant technological evolution which means that a quick response is one of the most important criteria in software development. The more time your client has to wait for your product to load and give out information, the less satisfied he will get. Therefore, the fade of your customer’s interest means the loss of not only your reputation but also profit. Do you need to check your product’s speed, stability, and scalability? Leave it to us! Our independent software testing company’s services also include identifying and getting rid of your software’s performance bottlenecks.

      Automation Testing

      Time is money. When it comes to software development, the schedule is usually very tight which means you often don’t have a lot of time left to run proper functional and non-functional tests. Instead of taking a risk and skipping this step, let our experts speed up the process. We came up with a perfect solution providing both manual and automated testing services. You don’t have to lift a finger! Our outsource software testing specialists will study your requirements and build a comprehensive automation framework and scripts to fit your needs and cover all the fundamental functions and features.

      Our Main QA & Testing Service Areas:

      Unit Testing

      System Testing

      Functional Testing

      Integration Testing

      Security Testing

      Non­Functional Testing

      Usability Testing

      Regression Testing

      User Acceptance Testing

      Availability Testing

      Performance Testing

      Acceptance Testing

      Data Integrity Testing

      Compatibility Testing

      Stability Testing

      Our QA engineers have extensive experience with the most popular tools available today

      Our Projects