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      Android desktop Point of Sale is a retail terminal which is used on betting sites for performing wagering transactions, cash flow control, and shift management. It is built on the compact hardware that includes high-speed printer, barcode scanner, monitor and computer in one unit. Instant app upgrade is one of the advantages as once an updated application release version is ready, it can be easily...

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      Mobile-first web application for sports betting industry. Implemented with the use of modern web technologies. This app allows placing bets on the extensive range of both pre-match and live betting options and markets. The app employs various optimization techniques for speeding up the application load process, responsiveness, smooth user experience....

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      Betting information display is designed to illustrate an up-to-date events, its outcomes and odds as well as events results. All the events on the Event screen are sorted by date, time and league. Any odds changes are indicated. Result screen displays results for completed events which are also sorted in the same way as in the Event screen. It is possible to configure the information...

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      Self Service Terminal is designed to allow users to place bets on sports events and lucky numbers at the land-based betting sites. To place a bet, the user should buy a credit token, load it onto the SST and utilize funds by choosing events he/she wants to bet on. Therefore, the user is responsible for placing his own bets without cashier being involved in this...

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      The Point of Sale unit is a retail terminal used on betting sites for accepting and recording bets, as well as assisting with financial operations and shift management. POS is equipped with barcode scanner and printer. This retail terminal is running on Ubuntu and launched in kiosk mode in order to prevent customers from tabbing out of the application or browsing other resources. ...

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      webdav integration, remote document processing, webdav development, webdav software, document cloud

      WebDav is a set of standards and protocols that allows multi-user processing of document files (Microsoft Office, OpenOffice etc.) stored on clouds. IT HIT developed one of the most successful commercial implementations of WebDav server that is used by many customers integrated into various document workflow solutions....

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